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Professional Reviews

Recipe for Solofill Cup – Best Brew Technique when using Keurig Brewers
By Doug Cole – Specialty Coffee Roaster – Heavenly Cup – 4/6/2011

The Solofill is designed to brew the best single serve coffee when using your Keurig brewer. But what is the proper recipe to produce a great cup? My roasting experience and experimentation with the Solofill lead me to a four (4) step recipe to brew your favorite coffee in your Solofill. So to make a great tasting Cup-of-Joe follow this simple but effective recipe.

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Solofill Cup Refillable Single Serve Coffee Filter for Keurig Brewers
By Jay Brewer – Singleservecoffee.com – 12/10/2010
The Solofill Cup Refillable Single Serve Coffee Filter for Keurig Brewers is like the My K-Cup reusable filter or EZ Cup that allows you to use your own coffee instead of using just K-Cups. Using the Solofill is really easy, because unlike the My K-Cup reusable coffee filter, you do not have to take out the brew sleeve in your Keurig brewer. Like a K-Cup the Solofill Cup Refillable Single Serve Coffee Filter for Keurig Brewers fits in the brew slot where you’d normally put a K-Cup.
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New Solofill Cup – Your Keurig can brew Great Coffee and be Environmentally Friendly!
By Chad – TheCoffeeArtisan – 11/11/2010
I’ve had a chance to put the Solofill Cup through some testing this weekend and would like to share my results. I wanted to look at the intended use of the Solofill and to grade it in 3 categories:
1. Ease of use
2. Quality of brew
3. Ease of cleanup
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Customer Reviews

Works great!
with regular ground coffee, we must fill the Solofill to the maximum level to get a decent brew, so we will be experimenting with different grinds and brands. Functionally, the Solofill works great and cleans up easily. We still use mostly k-cups, but the Solofill will be nice to have in an “out of k-cups” emergency! Recommended.
Amazon Verified Purchase – Amazon Fan “AF” – 03/23/2011

Pleasantly surprised
Let me state at the outset that I’m a Starbucks snob, but my addiction there was getting a little too expensive. Enter the K-cup system – it’s not as good as Starbucks, mostly because it doesn’t get the water hot enough but given the price of a large coffee at ‘Bucks, it was worth the tradeoff. It’s a passable cup.
Still, I thought it could be better and frankly, I did miss the variety of coffee so I tried the Solofill. Given my experience with the My K-Cup that came with my machine, I was skeptical but gave it a shot anyway, filling it with Starbucks tribute blend and sonuvagun, it actually put out a GOOD, full bodied cup of coffee. Because of the temperature issues, you’re still missing out on the high end notes of the cup but I was shocked at how good it was. I’m sold.
Two things to note – if you’ve ever had coffee out of a French press, you will have noted at but of mud at the bottom of them cup and the same thing applies here, though it’s purely an aesthetic thing. Second, I’ve been having good luck using a grind that’s between drip and espresso. YMMV, but I found it’s the sweet spot for me.
Amazon Verified Purchase – David Clark – 03/23/2011

Blows away the ‘my K-cup’
I was slightly concerned about the bad reviews on this product, but after reading plenty of good reviews, I jumped in and ordered with my fingers crossed. I have the ‘My K-Cup’ and, considering it was made BY Keurig, it is nothing but a messy joke.
I just got the Solofill and have made two cups of coffee with my B60 model Kuerig.
I am THRILLED! I believe having used a bit coarser grind of my favorite coffee filled to the top of the ‘fill line’ gave me just as good a cup of coffee as I ever had with any K-Cup. I like bold coffee, and the resulting cup of coffee was great. I do think it is a bit pricey, and I plan on handling it with care. (I’ve done the math — 70 cups of coffee will let me break even on this thing. Regular coffee at 0.28 cup versus 0.52 per K-Cup) I still think it is a better option than maintaing an auto-ship coffee club and dumping dozens of plastic cups into the landfill each month. And, yes, my fingers are still crossed — I WANT $16 worth of use out of this thing.
Amazon Verified Purchase – BikerChick – 03/23/2011

Savings Win
I have two of these and use them regularly. While the K-cup is far far easier, the little time needed to fill and then to remove spent grounds is well worth the savings. More importantly, I prefer some other coffees to those I was buying in K-cups. I am a hopeless American who has not been hooked on extra caffeine ala our popular coffee shops and just want to enjoy a pleasant mild morning mug of java. The solofill cup offers that.
Amazon Verified Purchase – E. Maddox – 03/23/2011

It Works
Simple review for those people, as I, that wasted money on the other two “systems” available: This one actually works.
Amazon Verified Purchase – Philip James Penrose – 03/22/2011

Good buy Signed up for the green mountain k cups and was paying $55/month on coffee – no more – this solo cup which works just as good as the k-cups will help cut costs significantly. Works just fine with all ground coffee types.
Amazon Verified Purchase – Jill – 03/21/2011

Works great for me.
So much better than the my k-cup. Really makes a great cup of coffee and saves alot of money. I will still buy some k-cups, but not near as many.
For those who want to be able to set it on the counter while filling it, just take the top foil off of a used k-cup and you have a “stand” to set the Solofill in while filling it. Works great!
Amazon Verified Purchase – James W. Brandt – 03/20/2011

I am very pleased I decided to purchase this. It works so much better than the ‘My KCup’ that came with my brewer. The Solofill Cup eliminates the watery taste I had experienced with the other and, quite frankly is much easier to use since you don’t have to pop the cup holder in and out. Being able to use any kind of coffee with it is a huge bonus and money saver too; not to mention I’m not adding more plastic to the landfills/recycling centers with the used K Cups. I like many varieties of coffee and a lot are not available as K Cups. Sometimes I just want 1 decent cup of coffee at an odd hour, and that’s where my Keurig gets the most use. I will be purchasing a couple more of the Solofills so that I can always have 1 available when one is in the dishwasher (top rack only). I’m having to experiment with whole bean grinds , but I’m sure I’ll eventually figure out which one works best with the Solofill.
Amazon Verified Purchase – D. Koman – 03/20/2011

just what i wanted
My husband really wanted the Keurig and I was shocked by the ridiculous cost of the K-cups. I also could not find a coffee I really loved. THIS is the solution. First day first cup, GREAT. Saw a few reviews with all these use issues, have no idea what they are taking about, fill to line and place in your Keurig – done! Takes a moment to clear out for next use but well worth it.
Amazon Verified Purchase – M. Waller – 03/20/2011

Awesome K-cup replacement
Some people have complained about this being hard to clean out. It is simple to rinse out after bumping it against the edge of the garbage can. The coffee made with the Solofill is just as good as the coffee made from a K-cup.
Vance R. Howard – Amazon Verified Purchase – 3/18/2011

I have tried K-Caps, My Cup, and EZ-Pod, none of them worked to my satisfaction nor produced a good cup of coffee. I really do love the K-cups, Tully”s French Roast is my fave and the other half likes Tully’s Kona, but thought I’d give the Solofill a try.
Received this a few days ago, ground up some beans, and made my 1st cup of coffee. Uh-oh, not pleased. Grounds in coffee, messy spewing of water. Ground my beans a bit finer, and after cleaning out my Keurig and the counter, tried again. Yippee, a great cup of coffee and it has been perfect every time.
These are a bit pricy, but as another reviewer said, what I save on K-cups will soon make up for this. We had been going through two 80 cup boxes every month and a half, almost $70, versus the cost of 2 Solofills and a 3# bag of beans, I am already saved over $50 and the bag of beans will last longer.
Thanks, Solofill!
GinMT – Amazon Verified Purchase – 3/18/2011

Save yourself $15 don’t buy “Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter” and get this instead!
Trust me I own both and this works a 1000 times better than the “Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter”
J. Lawson – Amazon Verified Purchase – 3/17/2011

Solofill Cup
I was disappointed in the way Keurig’s filter system was leaky and messy to deal with. It’s as if they DON’T want you to use anything other than K-cups. I was very happy to learn about SoloFill and that it was compatible with my Keurig brewer. SoloFill is very well designed, and I found it very easy to use and clean. Thanks for designing and selling a fantastic product!
Bob – North Warren, PA – 03/16/2011

Works as described – Great item!
I ordered two of these after reading the reviews on Amazon. I had to wait, because they were sold out. The Solfill seals well, and is much easier to use than Keurig’s filter cup. I think Keurig wants to discourage people from using their own brands of coffee, because Keurig’s filter is so messy and a hassle to use. Not Solofill!
If there is any gripe I have so far with the Solofill, it is that the narrow section in the bottom of the filter seemed to be hard to clear out after my first use of it. I may have used a little too much coffee, though. I used just a little less coffee in subsequent brewings, and it was fairly easy to clean out.
Solofill suggests trying different grinds to see what works best. I think the idea is that the narrow tube that the brewed coffee exits to the cup can get clogged, and so can the filter screen. I used a fine grind of Tim Horton’s coffee and noticed a little bit of grounds at the bottom of my cup. I haven’t had to get more coffee yet, but plan on trying a coarser grind next time.
It’s nice not to have to remove the K-cup holder to use the Solofill filter. Great design!
Bob in PA – Amazon Verified Purchase – 3/16/2011

The Best K-Cup Filter Yet
I have tried the other K-cup filter cups that allow you to use your own coffee grind. Most worked but with lots of mess or attention
to get it just right or you would get a cup full of grounds. This product works fantastic the first time.
Rober D. Mclaurine – Amazon Verified Purchase – 3/14/2011

I’m very pleased
I love my Keurig but I am not fond of paying 50 cents for a cup of coffee. I also prefer to use my own ground coffee which is not available in K-Cups. I tried My-Kap caps and they were terrible. Not worth the trouble. The Solofill works great. I can now brew my favorite ground coffee and enjoy it for a fraction of the cost of a K-Cup. It brews a flavorful cup of coffee and does not leak. The cleanup does take some getting used to. Its best to clean out the grounds immediately, otherwise they will dry up and it is much harder to remove them. Taping the Solofill on the side of a trash bin will remove most of the grounds but I find a small spoon is required to scoop out the grounds compacted near the bottom of the cup. The best way to deal with the grounds in the small bottom well is to force water into the restricted area and eventually the water will displace the grounds. The procedure sounds more troublesome than it is and is accomplished in less time than it takes to explain it. When I get impatient and begin to reach for a K-Cup, I force myself to think of all the money I am saving by using this little gem. If you want to experiment with coffee beans not offered in the K-Cup format, or just want to save money, this is the product for you.
Update 3/16/11 My only beef with this product had been the cleanup. After reading about the technique of inverting the cup and tapping it on a counter top to release the grounds, I gave it a try. Wow…that does it! No more mess. A slight rinse and the cup is free of grounds. This advice should be in bold letters on the packaging. Also, it helps to do this as soon as you finish brewing while the grounds are wet.
tektron – Amazon Verified Purchase – 3/13/2011

Excellent product. Works! saves you $ on K-Cups w/ Great tasting coffee!
The wait is finally over and my pre-order of the Solofill Cup has arrived, waited a long time since it’s release as it became sold out right away, but why did it take so long to restock? It was even sold out on their own site. After reading some negative reviews on the coffee being weak and just disappointing I got a little worried about this. As soon as I received the Solofill I did a test cup. I used my whole bean Gold Cost Starbucks blend that I love and missed since I had the Keurig single cup machine. I grinded the beans using the “fine” setting on my grinder, spooned the coffee into the Solofill to the top and closed it’s lid. Just place it into the Keurig as you would any K-Cup, I made the biggest cup available on my premium machine and in seconds fresh coffee was brewed. It tasted actually better than expected! It was as if I got this cup of coffee fresh from Starbucks. Everything I loved about the taste of this blend was intact and then some, i say that because when I used to make it in my regular pot it never came out perfect as it did with the Solofill and my Keurig single serve machine. I have to say this is so much better than Keurig `s own version where you have to pull out the K-Cup holder in the machine so you can insert their reusable filter and much, much easier to clean, with a quick rinse you’re ready for the next cup.
I will update tomorrow.. when I try canned coffee to see how the Solofill performs, but as of now I love it.
Update: I tried using canned coffee and guess what this thing ROCKS!! It produces one heck of a great cup of Java!!
Buy it.. don’t listen to these negative reviews at all. I can’t figure out what any of their problems are with this product, as someone wrote in another review the bad reviews could be plants from the Keurig company. Who knows but I am a real person and I tell you this thing WORKS! I got some people saying my review wasn’t helpful.. Why? Cause I am telling the truth? Trust me guys this works!
movie man “mrmonopology” – Amazon Verified Purchase – 3/12/2011

The one review you must read!!
Got mine in the mail today ran right home and guess what……..THIS LITTLE THING IS AMAZING best cup of joe in a long time. I used Starbucks Colombian and ground it fresh and then my entire house smelt like Starbucks after the brew. And guess what this thing is very easy to clean just tap it upside down and the grinds fall right out, a quick rinse and you’re ready to brew another cup. The coffee tastes amazing and is far superior to the weak watered down coffee that the “My K-cup” produces. Could not be easier to use also. One more thing some complain that the hinge is very weak, this is true but even if it breaks the solofill cup is still 100% functional.
I must say if you ever read a bad review about this amazing product it was more than likely wrote by Kurieg executives or employers trying to get you to not buy this product. Or it could have been written by disgruntle people who are never happy with anything in life!!! You might ask why would Kurieg write negative reviews about his product??? Simple, this Solofill cup has the propensity to steal thousands of dollars from their k-cup and “my k-cup” business. Remember that some of America’s most popular coffee is not available in the k-cup variety (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Peet’s, Seattle’s Best ete.) Now America can buy their favorite coffees and use it with success with the Solofill. So what I am saying is people no longer need to buy expensive K-cups, therefore Kurieg loses money. This is just the type of product that Kurieg wished they had developed but didn’t.
Most negative reviews about this product are probably because…
1. They are not using a compatible brewer. The Solofill cup does not work will all brewers. Therefore people are quick to give it a one star because it does not work with thiers.
2. Use the right grind!!! And don’t overfill it, Simple enough right??
3. You will notice some people saying the “My K-Kup” is better than the Solofill cup….Very very untrue. Remember Kurieg does NOT WANT YOU TO BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! Everyone of these little Solofill cups that are sold means, Kurieg loses money because people are not buying the “My K-Cup” and k-cups. Which means Kurieg wants to squash this product fast!!! And the first thing they can do is write negative reviews about it, so don’t believe them.
So Relax people…..This is a great product that works unbelievable well, you just have to follow the directions and find the right grind size and you will be quickly rewarded by a cup of coffee that tastes as good or better than your local Starbucks.
MDW – Amazon – 3/11/3011

Makes great, full-tasting coffee with no grounds in the cup
Thanks for a product that not only met its claims but exceeded my expectations!
Barry H. – St. Louis, MO – 03/09/2011

Works Great!
I ordered this directly through the company (buy two and get free shipping). Let me say that the customer service was outstanding!!!!!!!!! I had a couple of questions and they responded immediately. I used this with DD coffee in my Breville and it works great! It is so much easier than the my k-cup and makes a better cup of coffee. I will definitely purchase more for friends/family and again when it eventually wears out. I have had no difficulty cleaning out the unit. Other reviewers suggested using a spoon to tap the bottom of the cup and it works great along with rinsing it. I’m really glad I tried this. Also, the manufacturer told me that even if the lid does break off it will still work just fine. It is going to save a lot of wasted plastic from K-cups and quite a bit of $.
Cat Lover “Michele” – Amazon – 3/07/2011

Great Product.
I bought one of these over Christmas and They are so much better than the my K cup because you don’t have to switch out the insert to use the k cups. The flavor is comparable to the k-cups, I found if you turn them upside down (lid Closed) and tap them on the counter then empty them, almost all the grounds come out, very few are left. I have just order 4 more . I hope they never quit making them
Barbara Bubla – Basin, WY – 03/04/2011

Works very well
Nice cup to use your own coffee. Did not get any coffee grounds in my cup and easy to use. I would reccommend it to anyone wanting to use their own coffee. Saves both $$ and the environment.
Gwendolyn D Lamparski – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/27/2011

Better alternative
First I have to say that I tried the Keurig “My k cup” and was VERY disappointed. It was messy and left lots of grounds in my coffee. After reading favorable reviews of the Solofill, I decided to try it. Simply put,this gadget works! No grounds in my cup and the coffee is strong. The only complaint I have is that with some coffees, there is a slight ‘film’ or ‘oil’ that clings to the rim of my cup after it’s done brewing. I guess it compares to what you might see in a french press.This is probably from the fact that there is no paper in the filter to absorb it. This isn’t a deal breaker however. It’s nice to get something that actually does what it says it’s going to do.
D. Roosth – Amazon – 02/26/2011

The Little Red Cup-Fantastic!
I purchased two of the Solofill Cup refillable K-Cups for my B70 Platinum Keurig my husband bought me for Christmas. I use them almost daily, usually in the evenings when I want a cup or two of coffee, but don’t want to have to make a full pot. Now I can use the bagged coffee that I prefer. These work perfectly. My daughter has an older model Keurig and has the Keurig mesh three piece adaptor. I use it weekly when I visit her, but find it a little cumbersome. I like the fact you don’t have to take the K-cup portion control holder out of the brewer to use the Solofill Cups. And as other reviewers have stated, I think the Solofill does produce a better tasting cup of coffee. I’m glad I did my homework before I bought these. I would highly recommend them if you like the convenience of brewing single cups, but not the expense of buying the K-cup coffee pods.
Mary Ann Suhi – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/24/2011

Works Great!
I’ve had this product for just under two months and it has worked flawlessly. The reviews where people are saying the coffee is weak perhaps have a different palet than others. The quality of brew is on par with that of the k-cups themselves. Additionally, for individuals stating that coffee grinds are hard to “clean out” the best tricks I’ve come up with are :
1> Get a spoon, flip the solofill so that the bottom is facing up and tap it gently with the back end of the spoon. Sometimes you may need to tap the sides of the unit, but after a maybe 10sec its clean and you can rinse out any further grinds with water from the tap.
2> Another trick is to flip over the solofill again with the bottom facing up and tap the unit on the counter a few times with the lid closed of course. Then simply go to your garbage and empty it out. Afterwards rinse the remaining grinds out.
Overall, if your looking for an economical, eco-friendly unit this is it!
psctornado – Amazon – 02/22/2011

Don’t waste your money on Kureg’s own refillable cup
Don’t waste your money on trying Kureg’s own refillable cup like I did before buying this. This works great. You don’t have to remove the insert when you go back and forth between refillable and kureg cups. You also get less “mud” at the bottom with this cup. I had a lot of ground flavored coffee when I ordered a refillable and this makes using that up very easy!
RF Wiede – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/20/2011

great product
The Solofill Cup is a great product, especially after my disappointment in using the My K Cup product sold by Keurig. It took some trial and error to get MY perfect cup of coffee, but I figured it out and love it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, while not recommended by the manufacturer, I can also use it to make fresh tea with the tea leaves I love. Again, it’s not recommended by the manufacturer of the Solofill Cup, so if you choose to give it a try you do it at your own risk. All in all this is an excellent product. I liked it so much I talked my parents into switching to a Keurig brewer knowing they can still use the coffee they have come to enjoy.
Christi – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/15/2011

Ordering another
Kudos to the person who invented this handy little cup. I’m ordering a 3rd one right now. I’ve found that they’re much easier to clean if you let the coffee grounds dry out, so having 3 on hand means I should always have one that’s dry and ready to go. I love the convenience of k cups but using these saves me a lot of money.
Heather – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/12/2011

nice alternative to the premade cups
I am pleased with my purchase. This little device allows me to use what ever coffee I want with my Keurig.
I like strong coffee and just cannot get it out of the pods. The Keurig maker I have at home only has two water volume settings, it seems they did away with the smallest cup and we are left with medium and large. Even the lowest setting produces too weak a cup of coffee for my liking with the pods.
I am really glad I found this insert as I can use my favorite sumatra and get a nice strong cup of coffee out of this machine. It also save a lot of money over the pods and these days all savings help!
Cynthia L. Page – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/12/2011

The Solofill cup is the BEST K-cup if you like to save money and use your own coffee….I have used it with several brands of coffee and it has ALWAYS produced the perfect cup. I had 2 of the other k-cup refillables, Keurig’s invention…they were horrible. My machine would leak water out of the top when I used it, so I had to hold the lever down until the coffee finished brewing. It never had a correct seal. I have had NO problems with the solofill, it seals itself once closed and I never find any grinds in my cup of java :) I am purchasing another one tonight!
Annie – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/11/2011

So much better than the Keurig My-K-Cup!
My K-cup leaked everywhere so I replaced it with this one and it works perfectly! Now I can enjoy my favorite coffee with a reusable filter cup.
imnotbitter – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/11/2011

This cup is an engineering marvel. Really clever,works brilliantly. It is more “splatty” than the actual K-cups. I just use a taller cup, no problem. I bought a second one for my boyfriend, who drinks tea. Works perfectly for that, too! Rinses easily, but keep in mind it rinses much better immediately after use. Being “of a certain age”, I wish the side that opens was a little more obvious (red on red,before that first cup of coffee, yikes), but I suppose one could easily put on a dot of magic marker or white nail polish or something to that effect. This device was the difference between me buying a Keurig or not. I really didn’t like the idea of all those K-cups in the garbage. Great product, works as advertised. Only time will tell how durable it is, seems great so far,after about a month of two cups or more daily. Outstanding, well pleased!
R. Chaney – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/11/2011

This item is perfect, use it all the time. Get one!
I love this, my wife and I use this all the time and its great. The coffee’s that we bought were too strong so this was perfect for using the kind of coffee and hot chocolate we love.
Ohhhhhhh yeah – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/11/2011

Great Alternative!
Love my Keurig but did not like fussing with the My K-cup filter. This is so simple to use and I can use my favorite coffees, more economical too. Just ordered two more. A tip for cleaning out the used coffee grounds – I use a plastic citrus peeler tool to gently “nudge” out any residue. Works like a charm!
Flamingo – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/07/2011

Great Money Saver!!
The Solofill refill option works great! It is great to be able to have options beyond the flavors offered by Keurig. I bought Folgers French Vanilla off the shelf at my grocery store and it works great in the Solofill refill system. Very minimal residue in the bottom of the cup. Would definitely by another if needed!!!Thanks Solfill!!!
Randall Edler – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/06/2011

Easy to use
I have been using the Solofill Cup for about a month now and prefer it over the Keurig refillable k-cup which I tried for just over a month. It is much easier to use–you just pop it into place where as the Keurig one you have to pop out the ‘housing’ first and then insert the filter. Plus, the Keurig brand filter splatters more and I had more grounds in my coffee.
K. Eckelbarger – Amazon – 02/05/2011

the best refillable cup yet
I have been using this for about a month, and I wish I had ordered more and will as soon as it is in stock again. The trick to cleaning it right to the tip in the bottom is to tap it upside down on the counter top ( lid closed ) and then it all comes out every time. A reviewer had writen this in another site and I tried it and it works really well. I think it gives a very good cup of coffee and true your finer grinds do not work as well. I have some flavored coffee with finer grinds but only drink them for a treat and I can use the my k cup for that or the plastic lids for reusing the K-cups, as for everyday use, it’s the solo cup for us. It would be nice if it would be sold in packs of 6 or 12 at maybe a discount for ordering that many or even free shipping!
Barbara Bubla – Amazon Verified Purchase – 02/02/2011

Never mind 5, 10 stars!
The Solofill cup is a must-have for any Keurig owner. I love coffee but my wife doesn’t. So cup at a time is much more economical than making an entire pot only to dump it out. Still those k-cup costs can add up, and some of the best gourmet coffees aren’t available in k-cup form. I did purchase Keurig’s filter for individual coffee grounds but the results fell way short. The coffee was weak and it required changing out some hardware on the brewer. I used it a few times and it was just too much of a hassle to produce bad coffee.
The solofill product is outstanding with some real engineering behind its design. There’s a lot of little details the manufacturer put into this thing, like a snapping lid with a rubber gasket to keep it water tight. I brewed a cup of some Kona coffee (the real 100% stuff from Hawaii) and the results were comparable to my larger drip pot and french press.
If you’re looking to use your own grounds on a Keurig machine, this is the product to get. No question about it.
Lon J. Seidman – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/27/2011

I wanted to try this product based on reviews I read. Having been born and raised in Austria I can appreciate a good cup of coffee. I like to use organic coffee and grind my beans freshly. The Solofill Cup lets the liquid drain only through the bottom half, thereby extracting more of the coffee flavor from the grinds. It is easy to clean and performs perfectly. I have used the item daily since it arrived and am totally satisfied.
Helga Spector – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/27/2011

Solofill CUp
This was a gift for my mother, whom received a Keurig machine for Christmas. The price was very much inline with other styles of filters, however this one had much better reviews.
She has been using it for about 3 weeks now and has only positives to say. No leaks whatsoever and easy clean up. She’ll be ordering another one to have as a reserve.
Brian – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/27/2011

This is the reusable k-cup you want
There are lots of reusable k-cups out there, the worst being the one from Keurig itself. You got the coffeemaker, and you love it, it’s awesome, but you don’t want to spend a ton on the cups, and you don’t like the trash it creates; but you just don’t know which reusable k-cup is the one to get. Well, your search ends here, this is the one. You fill it with coffee, you drop it in the maker, like any other pre-filled k-cup, you run the machine, you got coffee. You don’t have to dismantle the coffeemaker, you don’t have to get filters, you don’t have to do anything but add your favorite coffee (or coffee you don’t like.. whatever works for you), and drop it in. Cleaning is super easy, just tap the grounds into the trash and rinse with water, that’s IT. The coffee from this is every bit as good as a regular k-cup, limited only by the quality of coffee you use. I love this thing since I got it and it’s been used many times without wearing out, breaking or falling apart. You want a reusable k-cup, this is the one, folks.
BoyHowdie – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/27/2011

Finally a User-Friendly Refillable K-cup
So easy to use, delicious cup of coffee (strong, full-bodied is my preference) economical and eco-friendly to boot . . . GREAT PRODUCT !!! My only regret is that it took me so long to find it.
I have owned a keurig for a few years . . . it was on my wish list for a long time. I worked for 6 years in a specialty coffee/gift shop and became accustomed to drinking excellent, freshly brewed, hot coffee . . . difficult to replicate at home as most brewers do not produce a “hot” cup of coffee. The Keurig was the solution but k-cups are getting pricier by the day (harder and harder to justify expense) and I’ve always felt guilty about tossing them. So I recently started using the “my k cup” but there is no comparison . . . I have to remove the cup holder, slide needle gasket down and then replace cup holder afterwards . . . forget a step . . . what a mess!!! Now with the solofill I fill it with the coffee and amount of my choice, place it in the brewer just as I would a k-cup . . . and get a perfect cup of coffee each and every time!!! No fuss, no mess!!!
The solofill cup was a little harder to clean but then I read the hint from a previous reviewer . . . tap used cup upside down on the counter a few times, then open it and tap a against trash bin to toss grounds, rinse and you’re ready for the next cup.
Kudos to Solofill for this innovative product!
Kathy NH – Amazon – 01/25/2011

I had to try the Solofill and it is fantastic.
Brews my favorite coffee to perfection….has a better flavor than the K Cups and simple and easy to use and clean up. I have passed this on to my fellow Keurig coffee lovers. Great product for the price.
E. H. Caron – Luling, TX – 01/25/2011

I received my order for 2 solofill cups last week. I am emailing to see if it is possible to place a reorder for 2 more solofill cups for delivery when supplies are available again.
I love my solofills . . . so easy to use, delicious cup of coffee (strong, full-bodied is my preference) and eco-friendly to boot . . .
I am spreading the word amongst my keurig-owner buddies . . . so there are more orders coming.
Very satisfied customer,
Kathy Hubbard – 1/24/2011

This is a excellent product that does exactly what the company states “brew your own coffee” no spills, drips or messes! Depending on your tastes of coffee (weak, bold, extra bold etc.) you may need to play around with the amount of coffee you put in your Solofill. I’ve experienced by putting as much as I could into the cup to see if it would leak, which it never did.
Even though the company is overwhelmed by all the orders, 7-9 weeks for delivery, I would definitely suggest you order one if you want to save hundreds of dollars a year and save the environment from the K-Cup plastics!
nuhht – Amazon Verified Purchase – 1/22/2011

The Keurig was an “impulse” buy. After I had used most of the coffees that came with it, I regretted my purchase because I was not happy with any of their coffees and the Kcup produced watered down swill. …and then I saw your ad. I ordered two directly from your website and since I have always ground my coffee beans, I am able to make my half-caff coffee with ease. I smile every time I use the Solofill because now I don’t regret my impulse buy. BRAVO! for making a product that does what you say it does.
Thelma Landsberry – Las Vegas, NV – 01/22/2011

Finally..A great design!
I have tried the k-cup replacement from keurig. I had tasteless weak coffee and quickly returned it! I tried the k-caps and found that to be a flawed design. They leaked out of the top producing a weak cup of coffee that tasted like dirty water. If you watch how it flows from the top you can see some of the water is rolling down over the metal insides. Not acceptable for the money! Also, you have to mess with emptying the old k-cups, trying to make your own little filters, or feeling a bit uneasy about washing them over and over to use multiple times. I just received the solofill cup in the mail today. I put the bean grinder on medium(auto drip) and filled it just a bit under the maximum fill line which comes to about a tablespoon and 1/4 or 1/2. Easy to close the cup, no filter to fuss with. It fit easily and securely in the keurig holder. I watched how it flowed out from the bottom. The flow is the same as a k-cup. It doesn’t spurt and spill like the k-cap design. Also, I immediately noticed a rich coffee flavor…something I was missing from the k-caps. The coffee was a bold flavor and I would say that is due to the inside flow of the design. It reaches all the grinds and flows instead of rushing thru too fast. I was concerned with clean up but I am here to report it was a breeze. You can take the cup out of the maker right away because the plastic does not get that hot. I set it on the counter and when I was 1/2 way done my cup of coffee I took it to the trash. I read a helpful hint on one of the reviews about tapping the solofill upside down once on the countertop to help the grinds come out easy. I tapped it once and out they came. I would recommend taking the grinds out and not letting them sit for long in the cup. I would think they longer they sit the harder to remove. I rinsed it quickly under the running water and it was ready to go again. I can already see a savings. No filters and not much water for clean up. I will report back after using this for a week. So far…5 Stars!
MarleyMoo – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/20/2011

I just received my Solofill after trying the Keurig My K-Cup. I’ve only used it once so far but it worked perfectly– even better than the actual K-cups because I was able to get a stronger cup of coffee. Easy to use and clean. This is definitely the answer to saving money and getting a better cup of coffee. The coffee I used was 8 O’clock so I would say it was a standard grind- not too fine or course. I love the Solofill and hope it continues to perform after many uses.
capegirl – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/20/2011

Really Works Well – Highly Recommended!
The Solofill “Refillable K-Cup” works exactly as advertised! While I love my Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System and the great selection of specialty K-Cups that are available, it can be expensive to use over time. This reusable holder allows regular coffee to be used and it works surprisingly well. Here are my observations:
Pros –
+ Easy to Use; no modification to the Keurig machine needed, just fill the Solofill Cup with ground coffee and put it in the machine
+ Works Well; makes a good cup of coffee with no undue mess
+ Easy to Clean; wait for the grounds to cool, shake into the waste bin, and then rinse it out
Cons –
– Really fine ground coffee will clog the filter
This works so well that I bought a second one as gift for a good friend of mine who had stopped using his Keurig due to the high cost of the K-Cups.  Highly Recommended!
CFH – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/19/2011

Perfect Solution for My Keurig
I really cannot rave about this item ENOUGH! It’s perfect! I was worried when I received my Keurig for Christmas that I would be stuck buying those $10 cartons of Kcups, but I discovered this handy item on Amazon and ordered two. Now I can brew all my own loose leaf tea without spending a fortune. And there’s been no spills or other issues. The only thing it took me a little while to figure out is exactly how much loose leaf tea to fill the container with because different tea has different sizes. But once I figured that out, it makes a perfect cup of tea. And so easy to clean! Just dump out the leaves and rinse the cup. Plus it’s less impact on the environment because I’m not throwing away Kcups all the time. So glad I bought it.
Book Buzz – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/18/2011

Your company rocks!!
I stopped buying k-cups out of guilt because we were tossing out between 4-6 of them daily. The two Solofill cups I just received are awesome! Can’t wait to buy some loose teas to try in them! I’m a very happy customer.
Jennifer Malayny – 01/18/2011

A great alterative to Kcups
I’m so happy with this product. I can buy the coffees I love and enjoy my Keurig with no guilt. It makes a great cup of coffee. You don’t even have to use paper filters. It may take a bit more time to prepare but it is well worth not having any waste, paper or plastic to pile up in the landfill. The price pays for itself quickly by not having to buy the pricey kcups.
Judith Loischild – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/17/2011

Vastly superior to the Keurig My K Cup
I bought the Keurig My K Cup and it was TERRIBLE. It leaked, made a mess, and worst of all make a weak cup of coffee. The Solofill is perfect. It brews good coffee with no mess at all. It cleans up great and meets all my needs. I have given it as a gift to a friend and he is also a fan.
David Roberts – Amazon – 01/15/2011

Works great!
I bought 2 of these for Christmas. One for us and one for a gift for my in-laws. I have to agree, that it works great, way less expensive, and easy to clean. Best of all no little plastic cups to litter the landfills! I bought direct from Solofill’s website and shipping was super quick and cheaper than Amazon. Make sure your grind is like auto drip and not too fine. Makes a perfect cup every time. There is a fill line inside the cup, that’s what I use to measure the grounds. Thumbs up for a great product!
J. Graham – Amazon – 01/12/2011

Solofil fills the bill
This products works as well as advertised. I was initially partial to the E-Z Cup Perfect Pod using the filters but the Solofil is the fastest way yet to get your own ground coffee brewed. The E-Z Cup cleanup is faster, but loading and brewing is faster with the Solofil. The E-Z Cup required a little extra work using twice the paper filtering to avoid the blowout at the end. Solofil is a great product.
Paul Basilica – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/10/2011

Fantastic invention
I have been using this for about two weeks and it is fantastic. The first time I put in finely ground and it didn’t work well at all. However, regular grind works great. No more grinding beans (unless I want to), no more messy paper filters, and no more trying to reuse k-cups.
C. Brewster – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/09/2011

I just placed my second order for 2 more Solofill cups.  Nothing is wrong with the first 2  –  I just want a few more to keep full and ready to go.  These are the best!  They give us K-Cuppers lots of options when it comes to brewing a cup of our choice.  The Solofill is innovative, easy on the environment and easy on the pocketbook!  Thanks, Solofill, for “filling” a need!
Eileen – Sierra Vista, AZ – 01/08/2011

This refillable K-Cup works much better than the gray one made by Keurig. I used it with my Keurig Mini and it did not leak like the other one. It is very easy to clean. I had to push a little harder to close the Keurig after I placed it into the K-Cup Holder, but I’m sure it won’t hurt it. The coffee comes out tasting like its supposed to. It tastes nice and bold when you fill it up to the fill line, so you bold coffee drinkers don’t have to worry about weak, wattery, and grind filled coffee like the other refillable K-Cup was doing to hundreds of other people.
Andy – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/07/2011

Great for Teas!
I purchased this product to allow me to use a wide variety of teas in my Keurig. While the Keurig machine doesn’t provide the optimal tea brewing procedure it does produce an acceptable cup of hot or iced tea and this little gadget gives me the flexibility to brew any type of loose tea that my heart desires!
I have tried it with several different types of tea ranging from black tea through herbal mixes and it has worked well with all. It does take a bit of experimentation to determine the best quantity to use of each tea. I have found that filling just above the top of the screen is optimal for most teas. This allows some room for the leaves to expand as the water washes over them. Since teas can be steeped multiple times (sometimes better flavor occurs with secondary steeping) the little filter doesn’t have to be emptied and refilled after each cup.
My only complaint is that the Solofill isn’t available in quantity at a discount! I would love to be able to pick up a box of a dozen so I could pre-fill them and have them ready to go for busy days.
C. Podbielski – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/07/2011

Can’t say enough about how great this is – buying a 2nd!
Like others, I have been using the Keurig brand refillable insert (the name escapes me) and it was just “ok” but it was 3 separate parts that have to clean & maintain and it was not the easiest to use. Also, you have to “rig it” to get the water to filter longer in the unit to make a better cup of coffee. As a result, I rarely used it and just use my K-Cups.
The Solofill Cup, Refillable K-Cup is hand’s down the best product in it’s class. It does EXACTLY what it says it does and it does it very very well. How often can you say that about a product?
1. It’s one single unit, not 3 parts that have to be assembled and cleaned separate.
2. Brain dead operation – you fill it with coffee of your choice, close the lid and drop it into your Keurig machine & press “start”.
3. You don’t have to remove the plastic brewer “holder” – other products make you take out the brewer holder and then you have to keep up with that part also.
4. This product fits inside just like a regular k-cup! That is sheer elegance.
5. Fits anywhere you store your k-cups – fits inside my normal k-cup carousel. Very handy.
6. Impressive constructions – just look at the pics – It tamps down the coffee grounds and distributes the water evenly.
7. Easy clean up – just dump out the grounds and rinse it out.
I am ordering a second unit just in case something happens to the first or they stop making it.
Ummm none. Maybe the first time I have ever had nothing bad to say about a product – ever.
SRB – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/06/2011

Excellent – easy to clean with a trick
As everyone has already said…it works PERFECTLY! I had a little trouble cleaning it with finer grinds…But, I found a solution. After you have brewed your cup, take out the Solofill and tap it upside down on the counter. Now open it up over the garbage can and 95% of the grounds come out whole! Now you can clean it in 10 secs flat. I hope that helps others out.
M. Lieb – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/06/2011

Solofill took all the good ideas and combined them
I have tried all the devices that replace K Cups and they all work. But this one is my favorite.
I have the one from Keurig with a filter basket that you have to remove the k cup holder to use, and the caps that let you reuse a k cup, and the one where you use the paper filters. But I think this one has the best features of all of them and it has a hinged lid attached.
Very easy to use and makes a great, fresh cup of coffee each and every time. I bought two of these and I can pre fill them both and the one that uses a paper filter (till the filters are gone, then I probably wont buy more) and refill a few K cups with the lids for them I have and be ready for several cups of coffee. I keep them in an airtight container to keep them fresher.
As for my Coffee, I buy french roast from our warehouse club and divide the 2.5 lb bag up and vacuum seal the bags till ready to use. ($11 bucks for 2.5 pounds of coffee and that will make around 90 cups of coffee for around 12 cents each)
Papaw Jeff – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/06/2011

Awesome!! Makes Keurig coffee maker cheap!!
Wow! The review of these were great! And when I got mine, I was not disappointed! My husband is super psyched by the Keurig varieties but I love Dunkin Donuts coffee…one heaping Tablespoon and I am able to brew it on the Keurig coffee maker we got for Christmas! It is plenty strong, plus it is using less than half as much coffee as when I brewed my coffee the traditional way! I also got this thing to work for tea! Just use one of the tea pods, I ripped the top open but left it in the pod (so the filter didn’t get clogged with the tea leaves) and it worked great for a strong cup of Earl Grey. These are easy, convenient, and cut down the cost of buying Keurig cups! EXCELLENT!
A. Bowe – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/06/2011

Awesome product
This is an awesome product. It works well with both ground coffee and loose leaf teas! You can just pop it into the brewer like a standard k-cup. It’s much better than the “my k-cup” that is sold by Keurig. Great way to enjoy quality, every cup made fresh, coffee or tea without the guilt of adding all those plastic k-cups to the landfill!
Rockpcdoc – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/05/2011

Much better solution than the Keurig one!
By far, this has proven to be the best way to enjoy coffee in the Keurig when retail pods are not available in the desired flavor or brand. The Keurig option produced very “watered-down” coffee, but the Solofill makes a cup of coffee comparable to the regular K-Cups. Also, this is a better option than the “K-Caps” in terms of ease of use and also I wonder about the sanitary factor of re-using a disposable K-Cup. If you are environmentally conscious and want to keep from throwing away the plastic cups or if you want to drink coffee from the Keurig and K-Cups are not available in that flavor, get this product!
Critter Cane – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/05/2011

French Press without the mess!
Shout out to the French Press addicts out there, this solofill cup brews a fantastic cup of gourmet French Press tasting coffee in less than 2 minutes with my B70. Simple to prepare and easy to clean up. Absolutely love this solofill thing!
Rob B – Amazon – 01/04/2011

Great solution for making larger cups of coffee
I got a Solofill Cup about a month ago, and I’ve been happily using it since then. If you like a stronger coffee taste, it’s especially good for making larger cups of coffee than you can get from regular K-cups. It’s also good for making coffee that is half decaffeinated from your own supplies. And it’s very easy to clean — it takes only seconds to empty it into the trash and rinse it out after making coffee.
By the way, the Solofil Cup is a MUCH better solution than the one you can get from Keurig. I’ve used the one from Keurig, and the Solofil Cup is far more convenient. You don’t have to take part of your Keurig machine out to use it, and it’s much less complicated (one part instead of three).
D. Deel – Amazon – 01/04/2011

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome
I was so hesitant to get a Keurig brewer for my husband because I am cheap and did not want to waste the money on the K-Cups. I looked around and read all the reviews on various accessories. This one had none because it was still new, but I took the chance and placed it on order. I am so happy that I did that. It is easier to use then the Keurig refillable because it just drops right in. I have no problem with the coffee at all. We opened it on Christmas and have been using it since, and since we were both on vacation from work we made a few cups each a day. I wanted to wait to write a review to make sure it’s holding up. It’s perfect.
Maureen H. – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/04/2011

5 Stars here
Just Received our solo fill (awesome unit!) we use Folgers medium Roast but will use a Darker Roast For more Flavor.
Thanks solofill Great Job !
Raymond Paquette – Concord, NH – 01/04/2011

A great way to save money and make yummy coffee in your Keurig!
Put simply, I love the Solofill. I’m not a coffee connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, so I can’t tell you if this makes the BEST cup of coffee in the UNIVERSE. I can tell you that it’s easy to use, I don’t have to remove any parts or pieces from my Keurig to use it, I don’t have to buy any extra parts and pieces to use it, I don’t have to fiddle with parts and pieces to clean it, and it makes a cup of coffee that is consistently delicious. I now have many more options of coffees that I can use in my machine, and using this can save me money as well. Hooray Solofill!
Marla Blair – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/03/2011

One that works!!
I was very excited to find a reusable filter cup for our Keurig that actually works!! We had tried several methods for using the Keurig brand filter, but we still had weak coffee with lots of grounds in the cup. With the Solofill Cup, the coffee tastes great and there is only minimal coffee ground residue in your cup. I also like that the Solofill cup just slips into the regular K-cup holder. You don’t have to remove the bulky black insert to use the Solofill. If you want to brew your own coffee without using K-cups, this is a very smart purchase!
L Duffey – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/01/2011

So Easy to Use!
I love my Keurig, but the K-cups can get really expensive. I tried using the “My K-cup” that came with the machine, but taking the K-cup holder out of the machine and then remembering to put it back in when I wanted to use a K-cup was a real pain. This is the perfect solution for me. I don’t have to remove or replace anything in my Keurig and after 3 or 4 experimental cups to see how much coffee that I needed to use, I was set to go. I did find that, as the instructions stated, a finer ground lets the water flow through too quickly to get a really good cup of coffee. Regular Folgers seems to come in the perfect grind to me, so I’ll probably stick with coffees that have an equivalent, or coarser, grind. Cleaning is easy, just empty it into the trash and rinse out any residual grounds and it is ready to use again. I am buying more of these to share with friends and family members who have Keurigs!
L in El Paso – Amazon Verified Purchase – 01/01/2011

I love my Keurig Brewer but hate how I feel every time I throw one of those little plastic cups in the trash. I tried using the My K-cup reusable filter and hate the mess of it and how the coffee tasted much weaker. I decided to try the Solofill Cup and to my delight, love it. It is easy to fill, easy to clean, and only one piece (compared to the two piece My K-Cup reusable filter). I really like how you can just pop it in without removing any part from the Keurig Brewer. The strength of the coffee doesn’t seem much different than when using the actual K-cups. I am ordering an additional one tonight! This is exactly what I have been looking for since I purchased my Keurig Brewer. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an alternative to the K-cups.
terri19 – Amazon Verified Purchase – 12/31/2010

Great product!
So much better than the “My K-Cup” version! No grounds are spilled, and you don’t have to mess with taking out the cartridge. Best of all, it fits into my K-cup drawer, and my friend says it fits her K-cup carousel perfectly! Worth the money!
K. Charmley – Amazon Verified Purchase – 12/30/2010

The best!!
The best K-Cup filter! I tried two others and really was not impressed. This is easy to use and easy to clean. Works fantastic with your favorite ground coffee. I plan to get a couple more to keep on hand.
P VALENTINE – Amazon Verified Purchase – 12/29/2010

So easy a caveman can do it….
I just don’t understand how anyone could have a hard time brewing a cup of coffee withe solofill. All I do is open my air tight coffee container, use the solofill to scoop up some coffee, close the lid, and brew. A previous review on this site that details the complexity of the solofill makes me wonder about their intentions and if they work for a competing enterprise. I can go to Costco, buy a 2.5 pound bag of dunkin donuts coffee and brew a cup with my solofill at about $.15 a cup. Not to mention that, in my opinion, the coffee actually tastes better with the solofill. I can understand why the people at green mountain would worry about a product like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they buy them out.
Bottom line: If you own a Keurig you need a solofill.
Robert A. Dichiara – Amazon – 12/28/2010

Cute little gadget!
This little deal is the cat’s meow! Works like a charm in our Keurig B130, with no leakage, no sputters….just a wholesome cup of our choice of coffees.
So much better than having to purchase those expensive K-cups.
One of those, “why didn’t I think of that” moments.
We love our Solofill, and highly recommend it!
J. Lehman – Amazon – 12/27/2010

Finally, Starbucks in my cup!
We’ve been using Keurig for couple of months now and were delighted to discover Solofill k-cups. We primarily use these refillable k-cups during the weekend or when we have a bit more time in the morning. We grind-up our own coffee and spoon it into the k-cup. Trial and error with the coarseness of the bean will produce different results. Cleaning these does take about 30 seconds. We knock the side of the cup into the trash bin and wash the remains in the sink.
If you are in a hurry the pre-packed k-cups are still a faster and more convenient solution. However, being able to brew your own favorite brand of coffee is a huge trade-off in the amount of time it takes to fill the cup and clean it. Less waste and savings is a plus as well. We would definitely recommend this product – it hasn’t leaked at all or caused any issues with the Keurig – unlike some other similar products.
Vladislav Rabinovich – Amazon Verified Purchase – 12/26/2010

Great Invention!
This is a great item for those of us who run out of our favorite k-cups and don’t want to make a whole pot of coffee. It is easy and no need to change out the pod. Just fill the solofill and in it goes and you are brewing what ever flavor of coffee you choose! I still have my favorite K-Cup but this is a great substitute when needed! I highly recommend this product.  Two is better than one!
Always & Forever – Amazon Verified Purchase – 12/26/2010

Excellent product. Makes great coffee, easy to use and clean. I orginally purchased two Solofill filters and found I needed more so I purchased four more. Easy to clean, when cool I empty into compost bin, rinse and put into cup with soapy water to soak until I’m ready to rinse and dry. I found I needed more filters when I had company and everyone wanted coffee, I couldn’t wash filters and make coffee fast enough. I’m very happy with this product….Thank You……Solofill.
LTC – Amazon – 12/25/2010

Solofill — exactly what I was looking for
After no success with My KCup, I hesitantly decided to give this a try. I am so glad I did. Now I can use my Keurig to drink any coffee I want, spend less on coffee, and not feel like I am creating a bunch of KCup trash.
The Solofill works great. With My KCup, I always found grounds in my coffee and sometimes water shot out of the side of my machine while brewing. There’s a tiny bit of fine sediment in my coffee with the Solofill, but it’s not enough that it is problematic. Maybe a course grind will fix this anyway. I love this thing!
Mrs. Tonyia W. Cone “Austin Mama”  – Amazon Verified Purchase – 12/24/2010

Soooo Happy!
In my opinion, this k-cup replacement lives up to its excellent reputation. There has been absolutely no mess when brewing, and I’ve found very little difference in brew quality. In fact, I would agree that the brew quality with the solofill is actually a little better than a k-cup, because like other reviewers, I do find that it’s a bit more like brewing with a french press. The one brewing downside that I’m still working on is brewing a strong cup of coffee on the larger mug settings. Just like it’s hard to find a k-cup that will brew a good strong 10-12 oz cup, I’m finding it difficult to get the right coffee/grind setting for a large strong cup with the solofill. I’m pretty sure at least the 10-oz size is possible, though.
Brewing aside, I really love that I can dump the grounds directly into our compost receptacle or my houseplants. With k-cups, it was really annoying to me to have to throw away all of that free plant food, or spend time tearing apart the k-cup to get at it, not to mention constantly creating all of the waste of throwing out the k-cups themselves.
Also, it’s probably just my calloused fingers, but I haven’t really found a problem with the solofill being too hot, personally. I do make sure to keep my fingers on the plastic, and it’s pretty hot right after use, but I’ve taken the solofill directly from the Keurig to the nearest houseplant to dump the grounds, without it burning my hands. I can see how it would be uncomfortable for those with more sensitivity, though.
Finally, a word on sturdiness. So far, my two units have been really durable, which surprised me at first, because they don’t look that durable. In reality, they’ve been troopers. I’m constantly banging mine against the side of something hard. (Again, I’m usually salvaging the grounds for compost or a high-nitrogen soil amendment; I try not to wash many grounds down the drain.) My fear was that the lids would stop fitting correctly with constant use, as per the negative review, but so far mine work just like they did on day one. I’m very happy with my purchase.
E.Z. – Amazon – 12/24/2010

We just got the Cusinart Keurig Brewer for an early Christmas present.  We love all the specialty teas, coffees and hot chocolates you can buy in k-cups and didn’t want our old, regular coffeemaker on the counter anymore so we got several of these solofills and that solved the problem!  LOVE THESE, they work great!
Mary – Santa Cruz, CA – 12/23/2010

Thing Review: Solofill reusable, refillable K-cup alternative
I should’ve written this review when someone reading said review could actually go out and purchase this product. Apparently it’s sold out both on the main Solofill website and on Amazon (where I got mine because I have free Amazon Prime through the Amazon mom program). However, it seems it will be back in stock everywhere in January 2011 or thereabouts, so if you want one, just be patient. It’s worth the wait.
And in the meantime, I’m still going to review the Solofill “Reusable Single Coffee Filter for Keurig Brewers.”
It’s awesome. Really.
[Full review]
Marla – Atlanta, GA – 12/22/2010

Outstanding My K Cup Alternative
In the year plus that I have had my B70, I have tried most all of the My K Cup alternatives and find that the Solofill stands head and shoulders above them all in respect to the richness of the coffee brew. One thing I noticed is that the oils from the coffee seem to be more present in the Solofill brew than even the K Cup.
Interestingly enough, I have transferred the coffee from an unused K Cup into the Solofill and brewed it with excellent results. I agree that it is a good thing to have 2 of these as they do take a while to cool down when emptying.
You do need to make sure that your grind is not too fine or just like the My K Cup and some other alternatives, the brew will be too strong as the screen/filter will be clogged.
I can now brew excellent freshly ground coffee for a fraction of the cost of the K Cups and with a superior flavor.
Peakperformance Ken – Amazon – 12/22/2010

Finally someone has made something that WORKS! I have the my k-cup and the Kcaps too and they do not even come close to working as well as the solofill cup. I won’t even use those other ones now. The solofill is the way to go! Thank you for making such a great product. The coffee tastes wonderful too.
Debra Hardt – North Las Vegas, NV – 12/19/2010

I’m having my second cup of coffee with the Solofill now. For those of you who are familiar with Tim Horton’s, you know it has kind of a “smoked” flavor to it – for lack of a better word. Well, that was completely diluted when using the My K-Cup but it comes out with the Solofill. At least in my experience, you definitely get a stronger cup of coffee with Solofill.
C.S. – singleservecoffee.com Forums – 12/18/2010

the best reusable K-cup
This is the best one to get. I have two and they work great. I would suggest you buy more than one if you intend on fixing cups back to back. they get very hot during brewing of course and need to cool for easy cleaning. I love mine and have suggested them to all my friend that have keurig’s. They work great, I haved used mine for 3 months without problem and it makes a great cup. Remember this is similar to a french press style brew so if that is not you thing then maybe not what you want but if you love good coffee then give this a try. Fresh roasted+ fresh ground+ solofill= unbeliveable coffee. beats the competions in design and function. great system, that overcomes the breakage problem, and cost factor of the comp.I love amazon as you can tell buy my shopping history but I bought this direct from solofill because they didn’t carry it at the time. get two or three you :)
Kyle Shell – Amazon – 12/17/2010

Much better than “My K Cup”
Great Coffee taste with all the flavors of fresh ground coffee and a French Press with out the mess. Solofill Cup is almost idiot proof. If you can read and follow directions you will have no problem with this. My K Cup works fine, but the Solofill Cup works better. Easier to use, better flow, more of the flavors of fresh ground coffee come through. If you use the right grind, only fill to the fill line, make sure the gasket is clean and snap the lid shut it will work right every time. Added bonus, when I am in a hurry and snap a factory K Cup in, I don’t have to change the filter holder. Best $15.00 spent in awhile. Get to use local custom blend fresh whole bean coffee that tastes as good as French Press. My K Cup coffee always lacked some of the flavor, Solofill Cup does not.
Jimbo 47 – Amazon Verified Purchase – 12/17/2010

I’m not a coffee connoisseur and I’m a klutz in the kitchen, and I love my Solofill. I’ve made two cups of coffee with it and I thought the coffee tasted fine and the set up and clean up were both easy. I had a bit of water accumulate on the top of the Solofill – I just poured it off, no big. I think this is really nifty and hopefully will help me keep costs down because I got the Keurig mainly for the convenience and speed. The Solofill removes a bit of the convenience but the speed of having a single cup of coffee remains. I think it’s a winner. (I never even bothered with the My K-Cup so I can’t compare the two.)
MBee – singleservecoffee.com Forums – 12/16/2010

Best reusable filter for K-Cup yet!
I have the Keurig My K-Cup and found it to be annoying to have to pull out the insert to use it after I use an actual k-cup. This eliminates that and I’ve found it to make a better cup of coffee as well. It’s a nice one piece design so no messing with the 3 pieces like the My K-cup. Works great.
Jon – Amazon Verified Purchase – 12/16/2010

I was a little worried about this one because of a bad (weak coffee) experience w/ the My K-Cup, but this product worked remarkably well! I didn’t think it was difficult to clean using the spray nozzle on the faucet. Also, be careful not to use super fine grounds (as suggested on the package). They will plug up the mesh and result in a half brew of coffee so strong it can not be consumed! Kirkland 100% Columbian-fine ground works well, however.
Alissa Lee Bergan – Amazon Verified Purchase – 12/16/2010

SOOOOOOO much easier to use than the Kurig version. After switching to a Kurig machine I was a little heartbroken that I was not able to brew my favorite coffee in it (Bad Ass Coffee Company).  Now I can order their roast and enjoy it any time I want.  Cleanup is so much easier with the solofill system.  Would definately recommend this as a great stocking stuffer!!!!!!!!!!
Peter – Woodbridge, VA – 12/15/2010

FINALLY Finally!!
I love my Keurig, and I don’t mind buying the k-cups. What does bother me is the limited availability of flavored decaf coffees. I am a coffee addict and could drink it all day if it didn’t keep me up all night. I have tried every other do it yourself k cup product out there and they all stink! This product actually works. It brews a decent cup of coffee, not watered down and not a single ground of coffee in the cup. This product is worth the money! Thinking about buying a second!
Mjsrdh – Amazon Verified Purchase – 12/15/2010

Money saver!!
As a huge fan of Keurig brewing, I was delighted to discover Solofill cups! I have been using mine for a couple months and love the versatility and the ease of using this Kcup replacement. Unlike the “My Kcup” holder that you can use with most Keurig machines, this little gem pops right in without having to remove the pod holder from the brewer.
The Solofill takes about 2 tablespoons of coffee and that’s the main appeal of this. You can use your own ground coffee instead of always having to buy the pricey pre-filled Kcups. It makes a great cup of coffee and allows users to buy any kind of coffee they please. Some users have complained about cleaning the Solofill. I find it easy. Just tap the cooled coffee grounds on the edge of your trash receptacle and most will fall out. Then rinse it out and it’s ready to go again. I keep two handy so I can be using one and cleaning the other. I see this little invention as a great way to save money and have options as to the kinds and types of coffee you want to use.
EMC “neelie klop” – Amazon – 12/14/2010

Arrived yesterday, Fresh Coffee today, Love it! I got my Keurig back! I have been using the Keurig reusable filter and now that I have the Solofill the Keurig one is a thing of the past!. It eliminates the need of having to put the filter inside that plastic housing all the time and leaves the Keurig machine as normal, in-case you do use K cups from time to time. No changing parts to brew a simple coffee! Flip the lid, insert the coffee, brew the coffee! Wash up is simple enough, Dump the grounds, rinse out the filter, Done!  Love it Coffee tastes great. Will recommend to others for sure!
Ben Southgate – Anthem, AZ – 12/14/2010

I’ve found the Solofill to be far superior to the MyKCup – less hassle since you don’t have to remove the insert and screw around with a separate filter basket. It’s superior to the E-Z cup too – with the cost of the E-Z Cup filters, you might as well buy the regular K-Cups. Solofill is nice if the flavour doesn’t exist in a K-cup or you have extra time. From a time standpoint, or if you’re pumping out multiple cups for a crowd, processed K-Cups are still the most convenient. Then again, if the price keeps creeping up, you’ve got an awesome second option with the Solofill.
Purcell – singleservecoffee.com Forums – 12/10/2010

I just got this today and all I can say is I am in love. No more spending a fortune on kcups.
Jass – North Bergen, NJ – 12/04/2010

My Solofill Cups arrived today. All I can say is AWESOME.
All of the positive reports in this thread are true. I was amazed. I wasn’t expecting much, but was completely caught by surprise.
I tested this with some old 8 O’clock Colombian(beans) and I liked it better and any authentic K-cup that I ever had. Maybe I’m not sophisticated enough to know the difference, but I really liked it. Glad I bought it and highly recommended.
The only downside for me is the slight inconvenience, but that was expected.
alph-alpha – singleservecoffee.com Forums – 12/04/2010

Well, I finally bought some loose Godiva Chocolate coffee yesterday. I’m sitting here drinking my first cup using the Solofill. I filled it to the max fill line, used the medium fill button on my Keurig and the coffee is delish!!
dakotacheryl – near Mt Rushmore – QVC Community Forum – 11/28/2010

Hi All! I ordered the Solofill and it is far superior to the My K Cup. I use the prepackaged K Cups quite a bit but after receiving the Solofill I’ve been grinding Kona Coffee Beans purchased at Costco and the flavor is so much richer than when using the K Cup. I use it about 3-5 times a week and is a nice alternative. Love my Keurig and now I can make freshly ground coffee in any flavor and not have the lackluster tasting coffee I experienced when using the My K Cup. Now Godiva Chocolate….that sounds like a great treat. I’ll have to try that!
GemNBeautyMadness – QVC Community Forum – 11/28/2010

Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been debating getting a keurig for a long time. I finally took the plunge today. In my research, I found that some people complain about the strength of coffee from the My K-cup. They say the water passes straight through and doesn’t really give the coffee a chance to brew. Some people even recommended cutting out the filter from a k-cup and using that inside the k-cup. And then there’s my-kap, which probably produces a better cup of coffee, but still created waste, and I’m not sure I like the idea of not being able to really wash the filters between uses.
Well, it looks like the people who designed this fixed all those problems. My husband like his coffee really strong, and I don’t like the waste of the disposable cups – at least not for every day use. I ordered two so I could take advantage of the free shipping. While there aren’t many reviews on-line yet, there is a lengthy discussion over on the single serve coffee forums. (singleservecoffeeforums.com). The people there who have tried it, love it.
I can’t wait to try it (and I can’t wait for my keurig!!!)
Jen083083 – QVC Community Forum – 11/28/2010

Before heading out of town, some quick first impressions of the cup I just brewed using Reunion Island’s Holiday Blend in the Solofill:
1. Easy to use and clean up. Re: the latter, there’s a little nook at the bottom that I used my finger to clear after knocking most of the grounds into the trash, but a blast of water from the faucet probably would have done the job too. Also, I’d read elsewhere that there was some concern about how hot the Solofill gets after brewing. I had no issues whatsoever removing the Solofill from the Keurig with my bare hands and/or touching any part of it post-brew.
2. Makes good coffee! Far superior to the My K-cup IMO. Flavorful, fairly rich, with oils present on the surface. Small amount of fine sludge at the bottom of the cup.
In a nutshell, I agree with Chad’s earlier review in pretty much all respects. This seems worth a try if you’re wedded to the Keurig and don’t want to use a Clever, etc.!
Josh – Singleservecoffee.com Forum Moderator – 11/24/2010

The Solofill technology somehow directs the water differently than the My K Cup filter. I think that makes a big difference. The coffee I’ve had so far, granted they are not brands I’ve tried with k-cups, is the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. I like medium roast, and even the light roast I had this morning delighted all my senses.
Becky – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/17/2010

Great product!
Thanks a lot for the great product! I’ve tried many of the other reusable k-cups and this is the only one that makes an actual drinkable cup of coffee! The only other thing I’d love is if you also made one for the Tassimo! (which we also have).
-Aaron – 11/16/2010

I bought 6 of them, first an order of 2 for me, then 4 more after everyone kept saying how much they like them. I’ll gift my sister with one tomorrow when I go to her house. I haven’t used mine yet. I did order some pods though, and when they come this week I’ll give my Solofill a try!
Becky – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/13/2010

Dunkin Donuts Mocha Mint + Solofill = Mmmm…
The size of the Solofill seems perfect for brewing Dunkin at home…it holds exactly 2 tbsp. (Dunkin says to use 1 1/2 tbsp per 6 oz of water, so 8 oz of water needs 2 tbsp.)
Kari – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/13/2010

My order arrived! I went out to buy some store ground to try but when I came home I discovered one of the solofill cups came broken! I emailed the customer service dept and a new one was out to me in less than a couple hours… Amazing response time. I tried the remaining one with the pre ground kona blend and it was delicious and easy to clean up :-)
This was a good purchase.
Ilene – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/13/2010

As a long time (2 years…LOL) Keurig user, I’ve finally found a way to cut costs and waste AND have more choices of coffee to use. It’s called a SOLOFILL and it is awesome!!
It’s even better than the My K-Cup. It is easy to fill, has an attached lid, and fits perfectily into ANY Keurig brewer.
It’s also easy to clean – just tap out the used grounds and rinse. You can use your most favorite roasts and flavors of coffee, making for many more choices than what the K-Cup manufacturers offer.
A single Solofill costs $15 but in the long run it will pay for itself.
Neeliec – Sierra Vista AZ – QVC Community Forum – 11/11/2010

Like everyone else I jumped on board and ordered two. Got them yesterday and brewed a cup of my good old Tim Hortons coffee. (I’m a transplanted Canadian and miss my Timmy’s). I’ll be buying it online and enjoying it now as it’s so easy to brew. Thanks to all that convinced me this is the way to go.
Wolf in OK – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/10/2010

Me, you ask?!?!? Well, I just LOVE my Solofill Cup, so I pick up coffee while I’m out running other errands, so there is no shipping cost and the cost for my transportation (car) is shared with all of my other groceries, errands, etc. :)
Lori – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/10/2010

I ordered a Solofill on Saturday, and on Tuesday it arrived. They’re fast shippers! I’ve yet to find a K-Cup coffee that meets my tastes, so I thought I’d try the Solofill based on user reports. The Solfill lets me use my favorite Gevalia coffee in the Keurig B-70. I’ve found that I can use slightly less coffee in the Solofill to create the same taste experience with my Cuisinart brewer. A few grinds make it past the Solofill filter, but an inconsequential amount ends up in the cup. Cleanup is quick and easy by simply rinsing the coffee grinds with the sink faucet.
A side benefit is that it’s certainly more “green” not to throw away all those plastic K-Cups. Reasonably priced, excellent service and the Solofill does the intended job. I’m still going to search for a K-Cup coffee that is not extra bold, and is light roasted….but the Solofill has answered my needs at this point.
Joe – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/10/2010

I also purchased a couple of these. I waited to see what the general response would be. I ordered on Friday evening, they came in the mail yesterday. I tried one almost as soon as they arrived. It did have some of the coffee sediment everyone is talking about, but I am used to that from using my IKEA on-stove espresso maker. It made a stronger cup of coffee that I was expecting, but that is good because I prefer a stronger cup of coffee. I used some Starbucks Vanilla infused coffee that was pre-ground. It was on the finer grind side. I made the medium size cup because I didn’t want it too watered down. I found that I could easily use the largest size cup and will be very happy with this grind in the Solofill cups. I’m sure the larger the grind, the smaller cup I will make. All the reviews on here have been very helpful. This alone has made me very grateful to have joined this group. Thanks for all the information you all share! I look forward to doing a trade at some point.
Jeanne – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/09/2010

Costco Sumatra Coffee + Solofill Cup = Most exquisite cup of joe
I went to Costco today and noticed they just added on their shelves the Kirkland Sumatra French Roast to their coffee line up. For those of you that enjoy a dark, rich & full bodied cup of gourmet coffee, give this a try. Very nice sweet after taste for a dark roast.
Let me tell you … ya take a peek inside Costco and you sneeze and you’re down $200, this place is dangerous.
Btw, love love love my Solofill Cup, thanks to Lori once again!
Lance – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/07/2010

Love the Solofill Cup!!! I bought two and will be buying more for family. I have the My-kcup, K-caps & EZ-cup and none of them come close to the cup of coffee made by Solofill ! I have recommended Solofill to my friends that own a Keurig.
Betty Simmons – Cantonment, FL – 11/06/2010

You probably won’t like the My K-Cup, Jenn. It makes a very weak cuppa joe. I used it maybe a couple of times, although people here have some fabulous tips for ways to make it better. I’m sipping a cup of Morning Joe coffee by Starbucks (corny, I know, but I had to try it), made with my Solofill Cup and it’s quite tasty. :)
Lori – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/04/2010

I received mine today as well, and made a cup of Godiva chocolate crème. It was wonderful!!!!! And I only had 3 grounds in the bottom of the cup…. Definitely glad I bought this!
Nancy – K-Cup Exchange Yahoo Group – 11/03/2010

The Solofill cup arrived and I have used it several times on my Keurig Office Pro 145b (Packing date 10/2010). It dropped flush into place with no sign of any tightness or interferences to proper seating. There was no sign of any leakage or other difficulty.
I loaded it with 2 tbs Millstone Hazelnut cream ground at medium and it was absolutely indistinguishable from the k-cups of the same selection (except a lot cheaper), but opening the k-cup I found the grind to be noticeably finer, so if I grind mine finer next time I might find mine stronger than the k-cup!
I will be ordering more, and leaving a stellar testimonial! A coffee aficionado needs at LEAST two just for himself, as two 6 oz. runs of two solofills into a mug produces the best of all possible coffee experiences until Keurig dabbles into espresso machines in future. I love the drop-in simplicity, as partial dis-assembly of the machine as would be required for a “my-k-cup” compatible option is more than I would require from my guests!
Jim Evans – 10/30/2010

I was one of the few that was able to order one from coffeeicon a few weeks ago before they sold out within a few days. I can see why this product is peaking Keurig’s interest … it works fantastically well. Wife loves it just because she doesn’t have to pry off the holder at the risk of breaking her nails , I like it because it’s a cinch to use, best of all this product brews a much darker cup of coffee than the My K-Cup. Something about their Octoflo-Plus system, I think it really works.
I’ve been using the My K-Cup for the longest time and loves it, even though the tabs that lock onto the lid kept breaking on me (I’m on my 3rd one already). Since we got the Solofill Cup, the My K-Cup has been sitting lonely in the pantry …
The nice lady at coffeeicon was nice enough to direct me to buy direct from solofill.com website. We just ordered 2 more … free shipping to boot. Wife & I are happy campers now.
justinarmstrong – singleservecoffee.com Forums – 10/28/2010

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