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January 20, 2017
Everything was fine It got here packed very well  

Everything was fine It got here packed very well I used it every day since it arrived, gives me full menu on my K2 250 that I bought in July. Install the clip but that did nothing that is not right for my 250 I guess it's the wrong color but they are enjoying the refillable filter works fine the straight this fine better than My K-cup.

January 9, 2017
Saves $ especially since Vue cups are now basically EOL  

I got this when I first bought my VUE. Love the VUE but almost no options for coffee pods for this since it first came out and now in 2017. This has not only saved me a lot of money but much better gives you the option to use ANY coffee or loose tea which is what I mainly use this for. It's a must to have and buy the converter too. That way when you do find a sale on K-Cups, you can just use the converter. You won't be sorry. Mine lasted for 5 years until a friend house sitting didn't realize you don't throw it away after using it once. SMH. Yep - buying another one!

December 1, 2016
Best Re-fillable Kcup I've Used  

I started using refillable Kcups way back when the Keurig 1.0 first came out, by purchasing Keurig's own product. It only lasted about a year before the screen started separating from the pod, and I was forced into the plastic cup market. The primary issue fir me with the plastic refillable Kcups is the fact that there is always water overflow ... which runs out the top of the cup. This runs into nooks and crannies in the Keurig, and if left uncleared, causes rancid tasting coffee. (It amazes me how many people accept bitter coffee as normal). Point is, I am not getting any overflow with my new SoloPod K4! I do not over fill the cups. The physics of the cup is that as water enters, the coffee grinds try to escape by moving upwards, those other designs have top vents that allow water to then flow out of the top. The SoloPod has only one entry hole, like the original Kcup when you use one of those.

I must also give credit to the micro screen. It is the best I have seen. I was using filters in my plastic Kcups to remove the powder contained in grinds, but these screens remove at least 80% without a filter. The filters that were included with the SoloPod were a great help, but the issue is that you do not sell them anywhere that I can find. I have been cutting the bottom out of the one I used to use, but they are too big. The major problem is that not removing that dust accellorates staining of your teeth. So if you could just help me find filters I would be happy. Thanks.


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